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every friend group has a mom

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3am by me earlymorningwhispers
1. I wish I could kiss you without making you bleed
2. I wish you wanted me the way you used to
3. I wish I had never met you
4. I wish you loved me like I love you
5. I wish I could touch you without burning alive
6. I wish I could sleep for a few weeks
7. I wish I could run away
8. I wish I could wash you off my skin
9. I wish I could kiss you
10. I wish I could die
11. I wish I could breathe without feeling like I’m choking
12. I wish you were here
13. I wish I could disappear
14. I wish I hadn’t seen the way you looked at her
15. I wish you looked at me like that 11:11 wishes (via extrasad)
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there is not a better feeling than someone playing with your hair

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when your teacher gives you homework over the weekend


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Austin Carlile - Of Mice & Men by Nicole Stephens on Flickr. pierxe-the-veil

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im kinda happy but i also really wanna get hit by a car at the same time

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